DISCOVER…Everything You Need to Know to Grow, Sell, and Make Money From Exotic Mushrooms.

UNCOVER a Proven Way to Create a Protein Source That Can Sustain Your Family and Your Family's Budget…While Boosting Your Health and Well Being.

Growing Exotic Mushrooms:

How to Grow Healthy Fresh Tasty Nutritious In Demand Exotic Mushrooms
at Home For Fun and Profit

Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Growing and Selling Your Own Exotic Mushrooms, Without Making Costly Mistakes Along the Way and Wasting Time and Effort in the Process


You are about to discover:

  • The BENEFITS of Eating Mushrooms – You might know that mushrooms are healthy, but what you don't realize is just HOW healthy they can be for your diet.
  • The 5 DIFFERENT Types of Mushrooms YOU Can Grow – Though you might only find a few different mushroom varieties in your local stores, there are plenty more varieties to enjoy in your diet and as a source of extra income.
  • WHY More People are Growing Mushrooms Today – You may have your own list of reasons why you want to grow mushrooms, but learning why others are choosing to grow mushrooms will excite you even more.
  • The 5 Steps to Getting Started in Growing Mushrooms – When you start asking the right questions, you'll find the answers you need to develop your mushroom growing business or hobby.
  • 7 Step to Growing Mushrooms at Home and these steps help you make sure you're growing the best possible mushrooms for your health and for your customers.
  • Business SPINOFFS for Mushroom Growing – Find out ways that you can take your new mushroom growing skills and turn them into related businesses for additional profits.
  • How to plan your business so you MAKE money

Growing Exotic Mushrooms

Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Growing and Selling Your Own Exotic Mushrooms, Without Making Costly Mistakes Along the Way and Wasting Time and Effort in the Process

To: All lovers of organic food and budding mushroom entrepreneurs

From: Maria Leyden BScAgr Specialty Product Researcher


Dear Would-Be Mushroom Grower,

You've seen the news in the papers – the economy isn't getting any better. Jobs are being lost, people are being laid off, and everyone is worried about the future.

And so are you.

Even more troubling is the idea that our food supply might not be as stable as we once hoped, and that is cause for more concern.

With rising food prices and a lower income, you might not be able to buy all of the good quality healthy foods you want for your family.

But what else can you do?

My name is Maria and like you I am worried about the food I put on the table for my family.  While my degree in Agricultural Science has helped me create a varied and profitable career, I also know that nothing in life is guaranteed.

And I looked at the current food supply situation and saw that shortcuts were being made everywhere

Pesticides are in the food chain, increasing the risk of health problems. 

The foods in typical supermarkets are starting to cost way more, even though they have fewer health benefits and their nutritional values have dropped over the past 30 years!

Do you worry about the same things I did?

  • The rising cost of providing food for your family.
  • The unpredictable economy and job market.
  • The unstable food supply.
  • The rising use of pesticides and chemicals by farmers.
  • Rising bills
  • Declining incomes
  • Increasing unemployment

I couldn’t count on my job to be there forever;
I still needed to feed my family – and that’s when it HIT me.

What if I created a supply of some of my own SAFE food?

Let’s be honest here, though I might have a degree in Agriculture, I’m no farmer.  And you probably aren’t either.  Just the idea of planting your own food and cultivating crops sounds like a difficult, if not impossible endeavor. 

I can assure you that it’s not. And what’s more you don’t need to grow everything yourself. The key is to grow something very much in demand and use the proceeds of that to get the rest of your food from other local micro-farmers. This is especially a good idea if you don’t have the space to grow all your own food.

But let’s get back to the story…

Why mushrooms and in particular exotic mushrooms?

I took the educational background I had and started to look into profitable food niches. It had to supply a good chunk of a major nutrient group, be easy and economical to start-up, requiring next to (or even) no land and the most important….

…………..There had to be a demand for any extra I grew.

 No demand. No money. No business!

Hence, mushrooms but more importantly exotic mushrooms. Those mushrooms favored by chefs and major foodies.

The type that you could sell for a good price. The type that you just don’t see a lot of in the stores.

You can forget about your common everyday button mushroom. Not only are they grown in large farms but they need a special environment as well. You can’t compete with them so don’t even try.

 Also, I knew mushrooms were healthy, but I soon found out they were healthier than even I realized. 

Mushrooms are a good source of protein…. and knowing that, I thought about how they might be able to replace some of my more expensive meat purchases. This would certainly off-set any start-up costs!

All the while, I would be providing my family with pesticide-free, chemical- free foods RIGHT IN MY HOME.

I spent a great deal of time searching for information on how to start a profitable mushroom growing business.

It soon became apparent that whilst I found a few sites telling me how to grow mushrooms no-one could tell me which mushrooms would be the best to grow and more importantly the business side of growing mushrooms.

This I had to figure out for myself.

True, my first mushroom growing efforts were…disappointing to say the least.

 But in time, I began to see results.

 I started to see more and more mushrooms in each grow, and my family started to look forward to tasting my success.

In fact, I started to grow so many mushrooms that I had to give them away to friends, who told their friends

…and then I found I couldn’t keep up with the supply.

 Look I really got into growing mushrooms for the health benefits. I was too busy to spend all day growing mushrooms. (Not that it takes a lot of time but hey I’m more of a tell’ em how to do it gal.)

So I decided, instead of becoming a mushroom supplier myself, I would  teach others to do it and just grow enough for my own use. (You’ll find more on this little nugget of gold in the book).

Extra money in my pocket? 

It wasn’t a part of my plan, but it certainly was an added benefit, one that has helped my family weather the changing and unpredictable economy.

So to cut a long story short I took all the information I had learnt over the past year and……….

Introducing Growing Exotic Mushrooms

Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Growing and Selling Your Own Exotic Mushrooms, Without Making Costly Mistakes Along the Way and Wasting Time and Effort in the Process

Order now for only $37

Here are some of the highlights of what you will find in this book – things that I learned and want you to know can help you TODAY.

  • The 5 most profitable mushrooms to grow
  • How to have your customers be your best advertisement
  • How to handle costs of production – If you've never run a business before this is a VITAL part of turning a mushroom growing hobby into a profitable venture.
  • Pricing your mushrooms right – You might already know how much supermarkets charge and you might consider those to be OUTRAGEOUS. But I figured out a way to price your mushrooms for sale that allows you to bring in customers while still bringing in an extra paycheck.
  • Where and how to sell your mushrooms for the best possible price
  • What to do with any leftover product
  • How to treat your customers right – If you can grow a great mushroom crop, that's great, but it's how you treat your customers that will bring them back again and again.
  • How to ensure your mushroom growing venture remains environmentally friendly – While it's true that going 'green' might seem trendy right now, it's also ESSENTIAL for long-term food supply

Order now for only $37

I want you to know that you too can create your own supply of fresh, tasty, nutritious mushrooms.

"Growing Exotic Mushrooms" is designed to help you learn how to grow mushrooms, turn that supply into a surplus and then turn that surplus into cash all in just a few simple steps.

Look you may not want to be the next Mushroom King, you may just want to grow enough mushrooms to take care of your family, without going into more debt and without having to choose foods based on price instead of nutritional content.

That's OK. The easy to follow steps in this guide are suitable for those wanting to grow a few mushrooms,
those looking for a little extra income on the side and even those wanting to get into the Mushroom Business in a big way.

Why Should I Be Eating and Growing Mushrooms?

Now, I know there are some people out there who would rather eat nothing than eat mushrooms everyday. But hear me out. Once you begin to see the LONG list of benefits to eating mushrooms, you might just change your attitude.

I know I did.

This was actually the first thing that I considered when I researched and wrote

"Growing Exotic Mushrooms"

I first thought about the benefits of eating and growing mushrooms, as well as what mushrooms would be best for adding to recipes.

I created a list of advantages and disadvantages, only to find the benefits far outweighed anything else…and I found a benefit that I didn't expect. (You'll find that in the book)

The more I started to learn about growing mushrooms, the more excited I became about the possibilities. 

Who would have thought that fungi might help so many people?

“Growing Exotic Mushrooms” includes 5 business model fundamentals that will make growing mushrooms a viable business for you and for your family.

  • Investment
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Growth

I’m going to give you the basics for creating and growing a profitable business with exotic mushrooms.  With this easy to follow plan, you’re going to see that making money from your efforts is simple and even effortless.

Order now for only $37

But you do need a plan.

Imagine what it will be like to have a reliable and healthy food source right in your own home.

Imagine what it will be like to make extra money from the healthy choices you make and how you can inspire others to start looking into alternative ways of supporting themselves – with exotic  mushrooms.


“Growing Exotic Mushrooms” is designed to help you every step of the way…


But There’s Even MORE to Learn than just Growing and Selling Mushrooms…

While “Growing Exotic Mushrooms” is going to show you the PROVEN techniques to grow a variety of exotic mushrooms….

it’s also going to tell you how to grow exotic mushrooms for profit.

But I wanted to do more for you.

So, I’m including 5 AMAZING bonuses with “Growing Exotic Mushrooms” that will help you grow a successful business.


Bonus #1: Key Principles for Entrepreneurs

Since you may never have run a business before, I knew you needed to learn the key principles that successful business owners have been using for years.  You NEED to understand how to run your own business, without making the mistakes others have made along the way. 

Covered in this book are:

  • Today's Goal Tomorrow's Benefit
  • Green and Growing
  • Understanding Your Market
  • Trend Versus Trend Setting
  • Investing in Knowledge
  • More Growth Less Potential Waste
  • Principles of Managing Money
  • Marketing For True Success

When you know what an entrepreneur needs to do in order to succeed, you WILL see income that can add up to some extra money in your pocket…or even lead to a successful full-time career.   



Bonus #2: Customers are King

A business can’t be a success without knowing what their customers want.  And in this 30+ page book, you will learn how to treat your customers right…so they come back again and again and again.

This book includes the following topics:

  • Good Customer Relationships – Why is it Important?
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value
  • How to Keep Your Customers Happy?
  • How to Get Your Customers to Say 'Wow!'
  • Proven Methods of Customer Retention
  • The Art of Customer Follow-up
  • Loyalty Marketing Program
  • Promotional Items to Enhance Customer Relations
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • How to Deal with Difficult Customers
  • Introducing the Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Service
  • Customer Service over the Phone


Even if you decide to keep your mushrooms to yourself, this invaluable book can help you grow a business that looks after its customers – and creates the foundation for long-term profits.    



Bonus #3: Health Benefits of Mushrooms

It’s not enough that you know mushrooms are healthy.  You need to know the MANY precise health benefits they can bring to yourself and to your family.

In this short report, you’ll learn the health benefits of 5 types of mushrooms, and you can use this information for your own personal knowledge, or you can share the information with your customers.

And these benefits will BOOST the value of mushrooms in the eyes of the skeptical customer.


Bonus #4: Facebook Business Basics

You might have a Facebook account already, but when you’re growing exotic mushrooms for profit, you need to approach this social media tool in a different way.

In this 5-part course, you’ll learn exactly how to turn Facebook into a tool for spreading the word about your mushroom growing business, helping to bring in new customers and to boost your overall business reputation.

(And Facebook is free anyway, so it’s a great marketing tool for an entrepreneur like you.)


Bonus #5: Free Product Upgrades for LIFE

You can use this eBook right now to start growing your own exotic mushrooms and to start building your own business, but I know that the information is going to expand in the future.

Especially as more people begin to see the value of creating their own food supply.

With FREE product upgrades for life, you will get all of my additional mushroom growing and business-building research with updated versions of this book.  So, as you grow your business, you can grow your knowledge.

I’ll keep sending you the upgrades for the rest of your life because I believe that you need to have ongoing support as you grow mushrooms.

By now you’re probably thinking……

How Much Will "Growing Exotic Mushrooms" Cost Your Family?

The truth is that you don’t have a lot of money to spend right now.  And even if you did, you might not want to spend it on a book.  I get it. 

However, what you may not realize (yet) is how much money you can SAVE by growing your own exotic mushrooms.

 Add those savings to the money you can MAKE by selling your excess exotic mushrooms, and this book not only pays for itself in a few short months,
but it can help create long-term financial stability for your family.

I could easily sell this book for $97 and it would still be great value AND worth a whole lot more! Just add up the cost of buying even just 1lb of exotic mushrooms per month.

But given the current economy I decided that maybe I should keep the price low enough to benefit a lot of people.

So when you order “Growing Exotic Mushrooms” right now, you’ll get the book and all of my research in one easy-to-use guide, as well as all of the bonuses for the low price of only $37.

If you think about it, you will probably spend more on the pesticide-laden foods in your supermarket than you ever will spend on this valuable, cost-cutting book.

So, it’s an investment – one that pays off in good health and extra income.

So for $37, you will get “Growing Exotic Mushrooms” PLUS the FIVE bonuses.  That’s something any family can afford right now.

And when you think about the money you’re wasting with the foods you have right now, you can’t afford NOT to learn about growing exotic mushrooms.

Order now for only $37

I really want to eliminate any excuses at all for not buying this book. I want as many people as possible to realize that this book could help thousands of families who are interested in bettering their health and their income.

I really only want to offer this book to those who are SERIOUS about making a difference in their lives.

If that sounds like you, I want you to be a part of this offer.

Order now for only $37


 I know that “Growing Exotic Mushrooms” is going to add value to your life and to the things you care about the most: your family, your income, and your health.

And I know that this book will drive you into a new future – one that’s healthy, happy, and profitable.

So let’s look again at what you will get…

What You Get Investment
Growing Exotic Mushrooms $37

Bonus #1: Key Principles for Entrepreneurs

Bonus #2: Customers are King Nil
Bonus #3: Health Benefits of Mushrooms Nil
Bonus #4: Facebook Business Basics Nil
Bonus #5: Free Product Upgrades for LIFE $37


Order now for only $37


You deserve the best for your family.

 With “Growing Exotic Mushrooms” you will learn what you need to do to grow exotic mushrooms in your own home, sell them to other people, and create a more vibrant future for your family.

Isn’t that what we all deserve?  I think so.


Maria Leyden BScAgr

P.S.You can create a new future“Growing Exotic Mushrooms” was created to help you learn how to grow and sell exotic mushrooms for fun and profit, while helping the planet.

P.P.S. – Not sure about buying today?  Remember, you get FIVE bonuses FREE when you order “Growing Exotic Mushrooms” right now for just $37

P.P.P.S. – Let me remind you that you are covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee. So there’s no risk to you. So what are you waiting for?

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